White Truffle$

tartufo bianco

white truffle in a glass jar with rice

carne cruda con tartufo bianco e tuorlo

uova al tartufo

tagliolini al tartufo

Expensive I know. Too expensive!

But if you get an opportunity to put your hands on one of these precious nuggets, here are few possible ways to enjoy it.

But first, if you must hold it a day or two before you eat it, put it in a glass jar with risotto rice (Arborio, Carnaroli, Vialone Nano…) or with some fresh eggs. The rice or the eggs will absorb the fantastic aroma and when you cook them, after having consumed the truffle, it will feel like eating truffle again.

White truffle, contrary to black truffle, is not supposed to be cooked with a dish but is thinly shaved, raw on top of it. Above are some of my favorite ways to enjoy it:

• Shaved over raw beef seasoned with extra virgin, sea salt and a raw egg yolk

• Shaved over fried or scrambled eggs

• Shaved over homemade tagliolini tossed in butter and Parmigiano

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4 Responses to “White Truffle$”

  1. Lois says on :

    Love it! Your food, your photos, your light – everything!

  2. carla alicata says on :

    francesco sei un grande. il tuo sito è meraviglioso. lo so che non sono un addetto ai lavori, ma le tue foto hanno su di me un duplice effetto: mi fanno venire una fame della madonna e mi lasciano completamente rapita per la loro bellezza estetica. un abbraccione.

  3. Francesco Tonelli says on :

    Ma che complimento stupendo Carla. Grazie di cuore e un abbraccione grosso anche a te.

  4. Francesco Tonelli says on :

    Thank you soooo much Lois…really appreciated :-)

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