Oranges + Extra Virgin = Very Good

Sliced blood orange salad with crab meat

I absolutely love the taste of oranges in-season, prepared with sea salt and a good extra virgin olive oil. They can be combined in a bowl, by simply swirling them around which creates a natural vinaigrette of emulsified juices, salt and oil. Delicious!

This easy preparation works as an appetizer, a juicy side (to a grilled fish for example) or as a main dish in a composed, healthy salad.

They are perfect alone, but also offer a fantastic base upon which you can build more complex flavors and textures.

Just a few ideas for great add-ons or add-ins are:

• Sliced red onions or scallions

• Black olives (one of my favorite varieties is Taggiasche from the Liguria region of Italy)

• Sliced fennel and fennel leaves

• Baby arugula or baby spinach

• Steamed crustacean such as shrimp, lobster or crab

Sometimes it’s just that simple and so good for you too.

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3 Responses to “Oranges + Extra Virgin = Very Good”

  1. Gabriel Tonelli says on :

    Sembra un Caravaggio !

    Hai preso un granchio ma è un complimento in un caso come questo..

  2. Eileen says on :

    I had to click on this to see it. The photo is stunning!

  3. Francesco Tonelli says on :

    Thank you Eileen!

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